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    Video Monitoring your home™
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SnapShot™ & Live View While You’re Away!

See what’s important – LIVE

Easily view what’s happening at your home, apartment, vacation property, business – live and in real-time. Receive instant notifications with Instant SnapShot™ video captured and stored securely so you never miss a triggered event. Every second, every minute, every moment counts and having proof is now at your fingertips!

LiveVisionCam.com’s Remote Video Monitoring service is the most affordable and reliable video surveillance system in the industry. View high definition live streaming video and receive instant SnapShot™ videos via e-mail/text notifications 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Wireless Hi-Definition + Night Live Vision Cameras

LiveVisionCam.com’s Wireless HD + Night Live Vision Cameras allows you to stream live video, in real time, using any Wi-Fi service or network activated device – Ex: a mobile phone, touch screen tablet, laptop, or computer. Simply logging into a secured and encrypted app/website you can see what’s happening from anywhere even at night. At no additional cost all our cameras are equipped for night vision. Using our indoor night vision cameras or outdoor night vision cameras you get a chance to see what the eye can not normally see in total darkness. With built in audio, not only can you see what's happening inside or outside but you can hear what’s happening as well.

High definition live streaming or recorded video offers high performance reliability – the best in its class.
Add cameras to multiple locations, label them, and you can view them all on one screen at the same time.
Use your mobile phone to access both recorded or live streaming video.
Built in speakers allows you to hear audio of what is going on when it is going on – live.
Night vision capability allows you to see clearly what is happening with low-light or in total darkness.
You got mail! Instantly receive text or email notifications of recorded video alerts when an event is triggered.
Wireless Camera Live Video Recording Solution

LiveVisionCam.com allows you to record high resolution live video 24-hours a day 7-days a week using a standalone high definition Internet Video Recorder. Allowing for continuous video recording it complements your live video streaming services up to six live vision cameras. Easily retrieve and view video online from anywhere.

  • 24-hour 7-day video recording – 90 days viewing
  • High resolution video with dynamic image reduction technology Encrypted online
    account for secured remote viewing
  • Connect Internet Video Recorder to your Network via an existing wireless router and/or directly to your modem using supplied cable.
  • Power up Internet Video Recorder using supplied power cable.
  • Sign-in and add connected cameras for video recording.